Jewelry & Paint Artist

Newport, Oregon


I feel so honored to be involved in this project, as I had lots of reasons to participate. I knew Wade personally – we went to school together. So, it was no challenge to create Perseverance; the inspiration was there from the beginning.

I like to describe my artwork as free, intuitive, and dreamlike. I use black and white or colors, and then incorporate natural elements. I chose to adorn my pony with a “mermaid armor” I create from copper wire. As a jewelry maker, I had multiple single earrings – I felt using these unmatched pieces as mane and ankle adornments was my way to symbolize when a part of you is lost or gone to another place, you can still persevere, and even join with others who have experienced this same kind of loss.

“Patience, perseverance, and mental strength

– they are your armor against all odds.”

~ Sujata Chatterjee