Paint Artist

Fort Collins, Colorado


If I had to describe my art style, I’d say it’s Abstract-Imaginary-Imagined Realism-Surrealism, with a touch of Fauvism. Mostly, though, it’s simply Intuitive.

I knew before starting my pony I wanted to create something colorful and joyous. I’ve always been rather taken with Appaloosa horses, and tend to incorporate a lot of them into my work. It’s an especially appropriate motif here, given the breed originated in the Northwest region. For me, the Appaloosa’s history is fascinating and mysterious: How did the Nez Perce tribe breed this exceptional horse into existence? How many were left after armies almost decimated them? How long did it take an organization of ranchers to return it to thriving numbers? These are questions I’ve pondered throughout my life, and especially while creating this little fellow. Whatever the answers may be, I am proud to present the newest member of the herd!

“In an arena full of Sorrels, be an Appaloosa!”