Multi-Media Artist

Newport, Oregon


My art style is balanced, finely detailed, and symbolic, with a focus on movement and the human body. The placement of lines in each composition is of utmost importance; my process is highly emotional.

This project inspired me to undertake a detailed self-reflection of my early childhood. I revisited many old memories, highlighting specific elements on my pony. A large portion of the imagery is closely linked to the bond with my family and special people who have passed away; I love them dearly. It was challenging to apply my art style, but I worked with the curvature of the horse and the line work just flowed with it. Each line has its place. I feel very positive about the final outcome. I chose to leave my pony black and white to honor my artistic process, allowing the viewer to focus on my composition.

“When you write the story of your life,

don’t let anyone else hold the pen.”

~ Gurbaksh Chahal