Paint Artist

Mission Viejo, California


I have two different, yet distinctive styles of painting. When I’m working outside – en plein air – my work tends to be rather impressionistic. But, when I’m inside my studio, I’m more of a realist – I like to get into the detail.

I know the Woodmark’s and their family’s personal story, and I very much wanted to help with the shelter for others who have gone through similar difficult times. I feel very honored to be the first artist who was given a pony for this project. As an artist who works on canvas, I found the pony’s curved surface quite fun to paint. The only challenge was in getting one side to look similar to the other. In the end, I am really thrilled with what I was able to create – it came out looking exactly as I hoped it would!

“The ocean stirs the heart, inspires the imagination,

and brings eternal joy to the soul.”

~ Robert Wyland