Shell Artist

Marathon, Florida


Collecting, creating, and decorating with shells has gone on for thousands of years. As a shell artist, my pieces are oceanic, bright and colorful. For this project, I tried to portray the colors of my Florida Keys home island, and the beautiful world below the ocean’s surface.

Whenever a project presents a challenge, the end result is that much better. You can start with a specific idea or concept, but the shells may have an entirely different plan. Sometimes they don’t fit, or they won’t stay the way you want them, or work out the way you thought. Shells can be difficult to place on curved surfaces, so this pony was particularly challenging, as it is mostly curved.

Seabiscuit was inspired by the ocean itself: One day it’s tranquil and sparkling; next it’s angry and powerful. But, after it calms, gifts are given from her depths: An abundance of seashells.

“Shells on the beach remind us that treasures arrive every day in the form of simple things.”

~ Carmillus Byrd