Mixed-media Artist

Woodburn, Oregon


I’m a multi-media artist with a focus on painting and interactive social projects. I create colorful, energetic artwork, uniting people of diverse ethnicities and genders. I am the alchemist artist, experimenting. I tear, cut, glue, staple and pin old work into the new work. Every layer reveals a part of the previous layer. The energy of my work comes from the sheer joy of discovery.

Sal’s imaginative pony intrinsically reflects her style. Dedicated to three Oregon Coast young men who were lost too soon, Jaxal Wade includes images of Jackson Stearman, Allen Thompson, and Wade Woodmark (for whom the Wade J. Woodmark Foundation is named). Bitcoins, safety pins, and other items dear to the boys, represent their ties to each other and to Sal.

A true daughter of the Oregon

“True friends are always together in spirit.”

~ L. M. Montgomery