Multi-Media Artist

Bend, Oregon


There was no question about becoming part of the Pony Up! Project. The lives of my two oldest sisters, Terri and Rhonda, were cut short; my family knows the loss of children. The Grateful Dead was Rhonda’s favorite band. Their song, “Cassidy,” echoes thoughts on life, death, and renewal. I discovered my pony’s copyright year and patent stamped on her belly: 1960 – the year Rhonda was born, while the patent numbers, added up, total 28 – her age when she died.

To free Cassidy of the trappings of her past life, I swallowed her saddle in layers of papier-mâché, setting the tone for her new life – setting her spirit loose with a robust yet streamlined shape to house that big heart and joyful spirit. With her new feathered friend, she will never be alone.

“Sisters are angels who lift us up when we forget how to fly.”

~ Hindi saying